Exercise is finally fun with Keefit

Connect with your workout friends over the world

Track and share your workout "Real-time"

Enjoy continuously updated mini-games

Keefit is different

Keefit is entirely social

"Did Anyone skip exercise today?"

  • Chat with exercising people in real-time
  • Make attractive workout friends
  • Help friends get motivated
  • The Avatar system makes networking more fun

Keefit Sensor, our patented fitness tracker

"Why are motion trackers such expensive and ugly?"

  • A revolutionary sensor tracking the activity of muscles and joints
  • Track your exercise with the least number of sensors. Only one sensor for each arm or leg
  • The Beautiful design and various colors
  • The most affordable price; $25 at the lowest

Unlimited social apps and games

"I have too many fitness apps on my phone."

  • The single fitness app you will ever need
  • Select the apps or games you like and enjoy your exercise
  • Our partners at Keefit Ecosystem will continuously provide the new and better workout experiences

Join Keefit Ecosystem

Curious about how Keefit Sensor and App will revolutionize the overall fitness ecosystem? See our Roadmap. Join us!

Coming in Q1, 2023

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