Chat with exercising people in real-time

The Keefit app is equipped with Group Voice Chat, allowing you to chat in real-time with other exercising friends. So if you are bored working out alone at home, don't worry and join the Keefit app's LIVE right now. At Keefit, you can always meet friends who are passionate about exercising.

Motivate each other, Challenge each other

The biggest reason Keefit exists is motivation. Exercising consistently is difficult. But it's easier to tell someone to exercise. Motivate your dear friend to work out, and monitor if your friend actually did. As much as we annoy each other, we will be healthier.

Make your best workout friends

Keefit is a place where you can make new workout friends. Meet attractive friends who like similar workouts near you. Who knows? If you will find the most important partner of your life here. Don't worry about privacy issues, as the new Make Friends feature is only available to users who want to use it.

Avatar system makes networking more fun

Various avatars, including Keemons, will stand in for you within Keefit.