We believe in the value of openness.

When Keefit Sensor is connected via BLE, tracking data is streamed without restrictions. This means anyone can freely study Motion or Fitness Tracking or develop their application using the Keefit Sensor's output data. There may be restrictions in the case of commercial use however.

Keefit team is conducting an Open Source Project to utilize the output data of the Keefit Sensor in various ways. The first of these is Full-body Motion Tracking using the 9-DoF data of the Keefit Sensor. This project is expected to play a role in lowering the technical entry barrier for anyone who wants to study and utilize motion tracking. And we hope that this project will significantly contribute to making our society healthier.

Appendex. Keefit Sensor Interface - BLE

No Name Size (Byte) Remarks
0 ACC X 2 Linear Acceleration
1 ACC Y 2 Linear Acceleration
2 ACC Z 2 Linear Acceleration
3 ROLL 2
5 YAW 2
6 Reserved 6
7 Angle 2 Angle Sensor
8 Reserved 4

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If you create a paid or free fitness application that utilizes the Keefit Sensor, you can introduce and sell your application right away through the WASM-based Keefit apptore. Users can run your app directly within the Keefit app without installing any additional apps. Your Application and Keefit app can link data in both directions at any time.

B2B collaboration is always welcomed

If you are a coach, running a gym, or building fitness apps, you are the one we're looking for partnerships with. Let's discuss how we can disrupt the healthcare industry together.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please get in touch with us at contact@keefit.com.